Ways to Help Your Child Handle Disappointments

When you see your child sulking after his team loses a game or pouting at the gift he just received, you instantly recognise it as clear disappointment. Parents hate to see their children weighed down by sadness and would go any length to relieve them of their distress. While disappointment is an undesirable emotion, it…

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Concentration Problems in Children: 5 Major Causes

Getting a child to sit down and focus is not an easy task. Parents struggle with children when they get distracted easily, fidget a lot, constantly lose things and keep things unorganized. It worries them when they do not follow instructions and has trouble with school work and maintaining friendships. During situations like these, it…

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benefits of zoo visits for your children

Zoo Visits Can Benefit Your Child

Children love to watch animals outside of their storybooks and cartoons. A trip to the zoo is a chance to give life to their imagination and build an emotional connection with animals. Their eyes light up in amusement every time they see the “King of the Jungle” prancing around, giraffes reaching up for higher branches…

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Talking to your child about sexual abuse

How To Talk To A Child About Sexual Abuse

Parents teach kids to look both ways before crossing the road and to be careful with sharp objects. More often than not, they are not given awareness about their body and physical abuse. We try to protect our children by not leaving them with strangers and accompanying them everywhere. But the fact remains that children…

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Benefits of Maths: Surprising Ways It Helps Kids

From sunflowers, rainbows, and honeycombs to human features, shadows and galaxies, nature is full of mathematical patterns. Though we are born with a curiosity for learning, the ability to do mathematics is not inborn. That kind of development happens with exposure, experiences, and the knowledge of fundamentals. For example, young children learn symmetry while playing…

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Fun Things to Do during Summer Vacations

Children look forward to summer vacations like their tickets to freedom. They don’t have to wake up early, follow a schedule; do school assignments or study for the next day’s tests. Relaxing during summer break is important as it allows children to recharge for the upcoming academic year. It is the best time to follow…

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Easy Ways to Teach Kids Time Management Skills

Children live in the present. For them, it is the question of doing it now or never. That is why you notice things being misplaced, tasks unfinished and not having enough time for anything. An obvious reaction to this scenario is both the child and the parent chanting “No Time! No Time!” in sheer frustration….

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