Impact of the Seating Arrangement in a Classroom

An efficient classroom seating arrangement is essential to cultivate a positive learning environment. A fixed seating pattern might be a sight of familiarity for both the students and teachers, but it would limit the possibilities of the students to work efficiently. An academic space that spells comfort for both participants is the first step in…

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The Idea of Self-Improvement as a Hobby

Dealing with a child’s stubbornness can be unnerving! Sometimes they may just refuse to inculcate good habits or change their set patterns. It is not the end of the world. Rather, it is just a phase during which they require gentle guidance and positive propelling. It has to be understood that all said and done,…

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The Educator’s Checklist for a Positive Learning Outcome

A learning outcome is a skill or knowledge that a student achieves after the completion of an assigned task. Efficient teaching skills that can direct students to attain positive learning outcomes form the core objectives for any educator. No two students are the same and they might have different learning styles as well. Thus, it…

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How much Homework is too much?

While it is essential to reinforce classroom learning, handing out insurmountable homework does not ensure that the students gain more knowledge. Even though it has numerous advantages, it is high time that educators ask “How much is too much?” A primary activity in the school checklist, homework cannot be discarded completely but the amount of…

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World Wide Web, a Blessing in Disguise?

Education holds a special stature in the social structure. This is one medium, which forms a strong foundation for its recipients for a brighter future. Hence, every dimension related to education has always been a subject of great interest for experts. While some of us may have extreme views related to having a role of…

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