Major Parenting Styles

Are you raising your child the way you were raised? Or are you employing a different technique of bringing them up? Either way, the parenting style that you adopt determines their course of physical, mental, and emotional development. To establish a healthy parent-child relationship, realize that your child is not you. Irrespective of how unique…

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Tips To Improve Your Child’s Appetite

Children in their growing years need sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals in adequate quantities. But picky eaters often come up with excuses to skip meals and tend to eat less. If you are a parent of one of them, here are some tips and tricks to make your child eat better. Breakfast is the…

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Good Habits Every Parent Must Teach Their Child

Habits are everyday activities that we do without consciously thinking about it. They are the basis of what constitutes a day and indicators of where we are headed in life. As they say, good habits start early. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that good habits are inculcated in children at an early…

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