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Ways To Teach Your Kids Compassion Towards Animals

Children naturally have a fondness for animals. Studies prove that children who are compassionate towards animals grow up to be compassionate adults. They tend to have better self-esteem, self-worth, immunity, and respect for fellow living beings.  Children become more sensitive when they get support for their love for animals. Therefore, let us learn tips to…

How To Teach Your Child To Be Kind And Respectful


Today’s world is moving fast in terms of improved technology, education, lifestyle and communication. At the same time, human behaviour is degrading due to lack of politeness, thankfulness, civility and regard for other people’s feelings. A major factor for the growing disrespect in our society is the erroneous way we raise our children. We thrive…

How To Teach Children About Personal Space

Everybody feels more comfortable when their personal space is respected, both at home and in a public space. Children need to have a good understanding of personal space to be successful in everyday interactions, to maintain relationships, and to stay safe. Most children have an intuition of how close they should stand while talking with…

How To Teach Your Child About Road Safety


The key to prevent accidents is learning about pedestrian and road safety from a young age. Children caught in the traffic need assistance from parents to judge the speed and distance of oncoming vehicles and to cross the road safely so through experience and interaction with adults as they grow older they become safer road…

Ways To Teach Children About Basic First Aid

First aid skills are necessary for children since they are constantly at the risk of getting hurt while playing. In the absence of a health care provider, their knowledge of these skills becomes beneficial in helping themselves and their friends. Children are capable of learning and absorbing information quicker than adults. In most cases, they…

Excuses Children Give To Bunk School


Let us face it – yesterday’s kids grew up to be today’s parents. We all have drawn on the walls with crayons, emptied the cookie container in one go, wrestled with siblings, and made bizarre excuses to skip school. Now that your child is giving you the same excuses, you are not sure whether to…

The Fine Art of Teaching Kids Good Manners

Teaching kids good manners

“Stand up while greeting someone”, “Say ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please’ when needed”, “Do not pick your nose”, “Cover your mouth to cough” – valuable lessons such as these should be taught right from a young age. A simple act of proper greeting can create the best and lasting impression. However, knowledge of etiquette rules is…

Spend Quality Time with Your Child

Pooh, the teddy bear says to his best friend Piglet, “Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day”. Time is the best gift one can give for someone they care for. Caught in the hectic whirlwind of activities, parents are always busy trying to meet deadlines, doing…